Worried about bowel cancer

If you're worried about possible bowel cancer symptoms or are awaiting diagnosis, you can ask questions and get advice here. You can find out more about the symptoms of bowel cancer on our website.


Waiting for appointment, v anxious about symptoms

Hi everyone
Sorry to post again. I'm waiting for my phone consultation with a bowel specialist on Thursday and am becoming increasingly worried about my symptoms. The lower abdominal pain that I had a couple of months ago is now a lot better but I have pain behind my ribs and a painful lymph node on the right side of my neck. I feel certain that this is bowel cancer spreading, I know that probably sounds a bit dramatic. I guess all the waiting is making me v worried and I feel like I didn't pick up on my symptoms for ages so by now it would be v advanced.


Hi @Becky80
I am sorry that you have all this wait and worry.
It is such a difficult time waiting for appointments and our minds can go into overdrive.
Thursday will soon be here. Perhaps make some notes and questions in preparation for the appointment as we can often forget things when in this stressful situation.

In the meantime if you are really concerned about any acute symptoms or struggling to cope, please give your GP a call for advice.

Take care,
Jane :x:


Thank you :x: