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I was diagnosed in February this year and 4 weeks ago had a laparoscopic anterior resection. I’ve got a follow up appointment in a months time. I was picked up by the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme and cannot thank the NHS enough for the speed and care of my treatment.


Hi @huggy
I like you was diagnosed with BC in February which followed routine bowel screening routine
I had my op right hemicolectomy 3 weeks ago and await follow up appt
I echo what you say about the NHS and urge people to do this test I have been shocked by the number of people I have told who have had they have been sent the test and thrown it away
These tests save lives !!!!


Thanks for your reply.
It’s interesting to find out that other people are on the same timeline as me.
I hope your treatment went ok and that you’re recovering well. Do you have a stoma? I was lucky and managed to avoid one.
I like you have been surprised by friends who have not bothered doing a test as ‘it won’t happen to me’. I thought that and how wrong was I.


No I did not need a stoma either and had keyhole which was glued no staples I feel my recovery is going very well still on low residue diet looking forward to introducing proper food :x::x:


Welcome to the forum @huggy
I hope that you are recovering well from your surgery.
The importance of bowel cancer screening should never be underestimated.
Thank you for sharing your positive post.
Jane :x:


Thank you Jane39.
Reading some of the posts today, I’m heartened by the lovely messages of support that the forum is sending out to everyone regardless of their circumstances and struck with the positiveness out there.

Liz Blakelands

@huggy Hello and welcome to the forum. So glad that you did do the test and got picked up, I bet your friends are now doing their tests. I was picked over 4 years ago by the screening service and like you I then discovered a lot of friends and family hadn't done their test, but they all do them now.

This is why is it so important to raise the profile of bowel cancer as Bowel Babe has done so people realise it can happen to anyone.

Best wishes for continued recovery from surgery, Liz :x::x: