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My first Forum, sharing my experiance

Hi, my name is Matt and would like to share my experiance of bowel cancer. I am finding it really difficult to talk about without getting emotionally tearful so am biting the bullet to share my experiance . Here goes.
I was diagnosed with advanced stage 3 bowel cancer in April 2020 and following a tempory colostomy operation i had radio chemotherepy for 5 weeks in sept / october.
Following further scans in Jan 2021, ( via a video call as we where in lockdown ). i was told it had gone to my Liver, That was a BIG shock ! Further Chemo was then endured for 3 months and an operation in May 2021 called APER which is removal of rectum, Anus and some bowel, including re doing my stoma to make it a permanant one. Further scans showed all liver tumours had gone ( Very rare ) at the time we were told there was 4 tumours . Pathology from op showed no sign of cancer in the bowel.
Subsequent scans showed a further tumour in my liver and so was refurred to The liver specialsts at The Royal Free.
I was called to an appointment with the surgical consutant for livers in march and was expecting a further operation on liver, only to be told that i had had 7 tumours throughout my liver, ALL gone! except the additional leasion not showing sign of cancer. That was a shock too ! I am currently having further scans , a PET Scan 2 weeks ago , and MRI and CT scans later today
I have had a build up of fluid from the surgery which has been leaking since january , numb fingers and feet from the chemo and pain when i urinate.
With all that said, i have managed to run my small building company successfully through out and am in a positve mindset. Take care, Matt


Hi @MattyB welcome to forum and lovely post. Good to talk amongst those in same boat. There are some online ‘Chat Together’ sessions for patients to talk on Zooms BCUK run you might get interested in, great emotional support. Penny Brohn charity also has a lot online too. The Resilience Room on a Monday is good and daily relaxation sessions :x::x:


Hi @MattyB
Welcome to the forum. A difficult few years for you but seems very positive.
Best wishes for the scans and good results.
Please keep us posted.
Jane :x:

Liz Blakelands

Hi @MattyB Welcome to the forum I hope you find it really helpful and informative. It is somewhere to talk to people who get it. You have been on a real roller coaster since your diagnosis but you have managed to keep working at your company throughout, well done.

I don't have experience of it but I know from the forum that the APER operation is a big one and recovery really takes a long time. I hope you are soon fully recovered from it and the chemo side effects start to subside.

Good luck with the scan results and keep in touch
Liz :x::x:


Thankyou for your lovely messages. I do feel positive about life and thankful every day that I am still here..


Hi @MattyB it is hard and I think life after treatment can be even harder in some ways. I'm glad your liver ended up having a great response to chemo. Hope the scans go well. Keep us posted!


Thankyou Louise. Yes, its been almost a year on tenderhooks and still looking for the all clear. Am thinking these latest scans could be a turning point one way or the other.
Will do.



Welcome to the forum that nobody wants to join and thanks for sharing your story. Hope all goes well with the scans and hope some of the patient members on here can help with some tips to alleviate your side effects. Sending love Tiffany :x:


Good morning Tiffany, thanks for your kind words. I read your story and you have certainly been through it. Made me even more sure how lucky I am . Well done for staying so positive which I truly believe is key. I have also changed what I eat, organic as much as poss, little dairy and oatmeal milk, eating a rainbow as they say. Hope your husband continues in recovery and can soon move on the best way forward. Mattx