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Back in a worry flurry


Yesterday I had my colonoscopy, initially I felt content that nothing major was seen however after reading the report I am now feeling so anxious about the finding of polyps.

The report reads as follows-

Anus: There were second degree hemorrhoids (which prolapse and reduce
spontaneously) in the anal canal.
Colon. Polyps - see Polyp Findings. (1 polyps seen).
Terminal Ileum: The terminal ileum was normal.
Polyps Findings
Several Polyps identified in the ascending colon: Type = Sessile, sizes several polys
between 2- 4 mm, avulsed using cold biopsy., (completed removed), retrieved.

I am now so worked up that my initial feeling of reassurance was silly and probably due to the lasting effect of the sedation and in fact I still have cause to worry - I have a follow up with the consultant, but not for two weeks.

Liz Blakelands

@Knicky Hi And relax! I know that is easy for me to say but in my limited experience if the consultant doing the colonscopy didn't say anything was wrong at the time then it is fine.

Just about everyone I know (including those who don't have bowel cancer) who has had a colonscopy has had polyps removed. My understanding is they remove them because they can grow and they can become cancerous if left.

Hope that helps, please let us know what the consultant says

Liz :x::x:


My experience @Knicky was that when something sinister was seen I was told immediately. And then everything moved v v quickly. Also I had two sessile polyps removed and when I asked the consultant he said they are nothing to worry about as totally normal and usually benign


@Knicky I obviously don’t know all that much about colonoscopies but wanted to reply to say I hope you are OK. I totally get where you are coming from as I keep reading into everything, but I do think that if they were really something to worry about they would have told you. I don’t think they would leave you waiting for two weeks if they thought they were cancerous. Would you perhaps be able to get in touch with the consultant who saw you to see if they can give any more information? I know you said you went private so I don’t know if they are easily contactable?


@Liz Blakelands thank you so much for replying. I had heard of polyps but didn’t really understand what they were, my curiosity got the better of me and so I googled… I think this has sent my mind into overdrive. I also googled sessile and found that they are not the good kind, I know I should know better than consulting Google. I’m sure the consultant said he removed one polyp, they even showed it to me in the jar- however I noticed the report said several. I’m now unsure if my sedation has made me confused and wishing I had questioned them more yesterday :x::x::x:


@louise28 thank you so much for replying. I have scared myself with Google, I didn’t even realise polyps could be cancer - I then fell down the Google rabbit hole and saw lots more scary stuff (I know I should know better) I think as well the fact I experienced so much blood during the movi prep is playing on my mind and now the worry flurry is in full whirlwind mode :x::x::x:


@marylou47a hi, firstly good luck for tomorrow please let me know how you get on. I think the results take a while to come back so I’m guessing that why the appointment is in 2 weeks - I haven’t actually booked this as again I can’t recall what the consultant said about this being booked due to being a little ditsy from the sedation so I’ll have to get in touch with his secretary. Part of the reason I was going to refuse the sedation was because I wanted to be able to ask questions and be with it after the colonoscopy, but I changed my mind at the last minute 🙈:x::x::x:


@Knicky yes I’ve got it tomorrow, have to do a home enema in the morning which sounds delightful 😳

They don’t usually do sedation for a sigmoidoscopy m. I had been tempted to ask for it as I just don’t know how I will cope with the anxiety, but I think I’ll just stick with gas and air as I’ll likely want to ask questions.

I reckon reach out to the secretary to get it booked in and see if there’s any way to ask questions before the appointment. Obviously you’ll have to wait until the biopsy results but from what I’ve read online (I am so terrible for googling EVERYTHING) they should be able to tell from experience if it looks cancerous while they are doing it. I know polyps can be precancerous so perhaps the biopsy is looking at that?

Hope you manage to get some answers and try and stay away from google- I keep venturing back to it and it’s the worst thing for anxiety as it definitely leads to me assuming the worst possible scenario is going to be me and me finding basically phantom symptoms! Before I had the private consultant appointment I was convinced I could feel something awful and huge just where he felt the polyp… and since the appointment I’ve not felt anything so there’s definitely an element of my mind playing tricks on me!

Let me know how you get on and I’ll update after tomorrow. :x:


@marylou47a silly me I thought it was Thursday today 🙈 I would blame the sedation but I don’t think I’d get away with that now.

So I emailed the secretary this morning and the follow up is booked for the 23/5 she said they leave it that long to make sure the results are in.

I know what you mean about Google, it is an addiction that you know rarely produces anything positive, yet we still do it.

Yes please do let me know how you get on tomorrow, hopefully it’ll he will ease your mind completely. I know what you mean about the sedation, I was so reluctant to have it, and although glad I did, I didn’t want it for the same reasons as you. Good luck with the enema, it really does sound lovely 😣 though it’ll be worth it :x::x::x:


@Knicky had my sigmoidoscopy today. It was really bloody horrible, I should’ve had the sedation 🤦🏼‍♀️ Gas and air makes you out of it but in a bit of a gross way and it doesn’t stop you feeling it all!

Anyway, all they found was the polyp that the doctor had found. It was also a sessile polyp like yours, only 2mm the doctor said he didn’t think it was anything to worry about and put ‘hyperplastic?’ On the notes which means he thinks it’s benign. But he did remove it and send it to be biopsied and I’ll find out in a 4-6 weeks the results. I spoke to the nurse after and she said that below 5mm is not really anything to worry about. So I guess I kind of wanted to reassure you that it sounds similar to your results, although you had a few more polyps. The doc said not to worry about the polyp and so I’m pretty sure if he’d seen something he didn’t like He would have said. Obviously I’ll wait until the results but I feel pretty confident that if it was something awful the docs would’ve spotted it and told me. Hope you’ve managed to put your mind at rest a little? You’ve not too long to wait until your follow up so I hope you are able to put it to the back of your mind for a bit? :x:


Hi @marylou47a so glad that your appointment went ok although not nice at all that it hurt.

Thank you so much for letting me know how you got on. I’m glad that you’ve been reassured and it is just the one polyp and all seems benign it must be a huge relief to you. Grateful for your reassurance too, I keep having worry waves but trying to be good and put things away until I hear anymore. I’ll of course keep you updated :x::x::x:


Hi everyone just wanted to post an update.

I had my follow up after my colonoscopy yesterday to get results of my polyp biopsies. After a horrible weekend of stress having had my purse stolen, I was in a state of anxiety anyway. Attended the hospital yesterday to be told that as I had my colonoscopy done at KIMS, and my appointment was at Spire, the consultant said my results were not on the system! He said he would get the report emailed asap! Of course I wasn’t happy but true to his word a few hours later the report was in my messages and read:

“I have now seen the histopathology report from the small polyp removed from your bowel and as I stated, this is entirely benign. Not all polyps are examined microscopically as it is not necessary, also some are destroyed in the removal process but they are all definitely benign. In particular, this is not something that requires any mandatory follow up by way of a further colonoscopy any time soon and I hope this is all reassuring to you.”

I know I should feel relieved and I do mostly, but is it normal for the other polyps not to have been tested- on the report it said they were sessile ones, and I know I shouldn’t have, but Google said they can be pre-cancerous so I’d have thought perhaps monitoring via colonoscopy may have been needed.

I also just wanted to thank everyone who replied to my previous posts, this really is such a supportive group and your kindness really helped me through a stressful time :x::x::x:

Liz Blakelands

@Knicky If the consultant was in any way concerned about any of the polyp when they were removed they would have been tested. Endless tests is endless stress. Relax and enjoy life.

All the very best
Liz :x::x:


Great news @Knicky
The consultant would be acting if he had any concerns.
Take care and have a little celebration. It’s been very stressful for you.
Jane :x:


@Knicky this is such great news. As others have said I think if they had any concern they would tell you. I know it’s really hard but you have to remember that they are the professionals and deal with it every day. Our Googling doesn’t surpass their built up knowledge 😬 I’ve totally been thinking this way through this whole experience but have realised it’s just driven by anxiety! I do hope you can relax and celebrate a little now 😊


Thank you so much @Liz Blakelands @Jane39 and @marylou47a for replying. I will definitely try and relax a bit, I may have to pour a glass of wine to help me on my way :x::x::x: