Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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So hubby is doing well after stopping CAPOX after 4 cycles due to numbness in his hands but he now has his appointment for his first post chemo scan for next week...we are both trying to keep calm but scanaxiety has really kicked in..he had his operation in November to remove the cancer and had a CT and PET scan prior to that..did many of you have clear scans post chemo with worrying again about the EMVI and PNI positive aspect and the possibility of a recurrance...positive stories would be so welcome as we approach this first scan..

Mark McC

Hi @ellenelliott93

Your hubbies story is V similar to mine. Diagnosed Nov 2020, then 4 rounds of CAPOX before Mr Tumour was cut out, followed by 3 more rounds of adjuvant chemo because of 2 lymph nodes looking a bit dodgy. I am now 6 months post reversal and going through my 1st surveilannce scans and so far colonoscopy all clear CEA bloods good and waiting on MRI and CT feedback.

The worry of re-occurence is still with me, and while there is no guarantee, my wife is a nurse and keeps reassuring me that my body has been nuked with chemo drugs over several months to kill fast-growing cancer cells.

Good luck with the scan

Liz Blakelands

@ellenelliott93 I can remember being really anxious coming up to my first surveillance scan. Of course surveillance scan are just good way of looking after you, it is to check everything is ok. Once your treatment is finished it is almost like you have time to take stock and then the 'will it come back ' worry starts. I'm 4 years from diagnosis, and all my surveillance scans have been clear but I still occasionally look over my shoulder. I think having bowel cancer you loose a bit of confidence in your own body but it is really important to not let fear of tomorrow ruin today, my mantra is 'if I feel fine, I am fine'.

Keep busy doing things you enjoy, worrying changes nothing.

Let us know how you get on
Liz :x::x:


@Mark McC @Liz Blakelands Thank you for your kind words...its so weird as the chemo felt almost like a comfort blanket so the first scan post chemo feels very scary..we are going to try and keep ourselves busy over the next couple of weeks..:x::x:


hi @elleelliott93 I also had scan anxiety leading up to my first post chemo scan in February 2022 & agree despite the side effects Capox did feel like a comfort blanket as you knew it was doing its job attacking any cancer cells.
Made worse afterwards by the usual delay in getting the results but was all clear as were my blood tests so 1 year colonoscopy up next:o
Hope all goes well.
Take care both