Stage 4 bowel cancer

You can find information about advanced bowel cancer on our website, including our Treating advanced bowel cancer booklet. You can also join our Living with stage 4 bowel cancer Facebook group.


and another fun filled scan on the horizon

hey @louise28 ! As you reminded me, I have been faffin about much of late and been remiss in popping on here. I bounced well back after the lung surgery (I screamed when I saw a mouse a week or so back. My surgeon would have approved of the volume and the power on display). I have a scan coming up in early June, and its interesting feeling the level of anxiety slowing rising again. We all live like this, don't we? So. I will slap down the Anxiety Fairy and keep on keeping on. Does anyone have any tricks they like to use to keep the collywobbles under control?


Hi @Titanicgirl for me it is movement: going for a swim, doing qi gong, a walk in nature... I'll do one of these when I feel the anxiety at the back of my mind. It doesn't really go away but it keeps it under control. And I think it is sufficient...
Also really listening to and keeping at pace with myself. Not being shy of saying I need to see people one day then the next day not wanting to see anyone because it is too much effort. Take care :x::x:


Thanks @Siona - I do love a wall, and I'm hoping to get back in the water pretty soon again!


That should have read 'walk', not 'wall' *sigh*