Worried about bowel cancer

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Just thought I would share an update with you. I had colonscopy yesterday they tied to give me some sedation but due to my poor veins (I have had a history of having trouble with giving blood) and they tied without sedation it was exteremly painful I have never experienced pain like it as I was in so much pain they were only able to get 60% round it. However he said that he got into the main area in which he was looking at and found nothing concering as a method of reassurance he is going to refer me for a CT Scan but he is not concerned about anything. Thanks for all your help during this difficult time

Mark McC

Sounds like good news so far @Hughes


Very pleased to hear this @Hughes. Take care, Kim :x::x:

Liz Blakelands

@Hughes Sorry it was so painful but as nothing found, all in all, good news, all the best Liz :x::x:


@Hughes thats great news. I had a sigmoidoscopy today with just gas and air and it was bloody horrible so I’m not surprised you said a proper colonoscopy was painful with nothing! Fingers crossed for the CT but looks good so far! :x: