Worried about bowel cancer

If you're worried about possible bowel cancer symptoms or are awaiting diagnosis, you can ask questions and get advice here. You can find out more about the symptoms of bowel cancer on our website.


New Here

Hi to all,

I have had bowel problems for the past 9 years diorhhea and constipation urgency frequency not able to retain my bowel opens frequently with out me been able to do anything about it on ibs meds now need to have Fit test after seeing the consultant on Monday 4 days ago.

I just don't know how I will cope if it is bowel cancer how will I get through it.



First… hello..
right we will cross that bridge when we have too …
9 years is a long time and I’m no medic but points to more likely bowel problems rather than the big C … so try not to panic … honestly we have all been there
Lots of love :x::x::x::x::x:


Good morning @Sparklebright62, a very warm welcome to the forum although I am sorry to hear how worried you are about your health.

There are many bowel conditions as I am sure you know that have similar symptoms, so there is no reason to think that you have Bowel Cancer. However your consultant is carrying out tests to see what is going on which is great.

Meanwhile please try to stay busy (easy for me to say I know) and try not to assume the worst. If your anxiety about this is difficult to manage it may be an idea to have a chat with your GP.

Please take very good care, Kim :x: