Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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Anyone else find this?

My husband had a left hemicolectomy in December last year. We were told that the cancer had grown all the way through the bowel and started to attach to a nearby nerve. We were never told the grade etc. they also took 22 lymph nodes and found nothing in them.
Anyway, since the op he has never been right. As In, still lots of pain which radiates from side to back to hip on occasions and sometimes up to his chest.
We’ve had another CT scan which has found some changes in his Peritonium but they say they are too small to know if it’s a cancer or just due to the op.
Has anyone else who has had an op experienced similar? Is he still healing from the surgery or should we be pushing for more investigation into the pain? We just keep being told they can’t see any reason for the pain but not even helping him with it?
Thanks I’m advance to all :x::x:


Good morning @woosiewoo41, a very warm welcome to the forum although I am sorry to hear of your husband’s diagnosis.

Your husband’s pain could be due to adhesions from the surgery but it is good that they have carried out a CT scan. If he is in significant pain then he should request advice again from the team. Sometimes polite persistence is needed!

I am sorry I cannot be more specific, but obviously this needs to be addressed by his medical team.
Let us know how he gets on