Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Ct and mri results shrinkage

Hi I’ve just received my results from scans, I have had 5 rounds of capecitabine, round 4 was tough and ended up stopping it due to diarrhoea, started round 5 on lower dose, which was so much better.
I went this week for my results it showed a very small shrinkage,
Bowel: tumour reduced from 54mm :x: 50mm and 42mm :x: 48mm
Liver: one tumour reduced from 1.6cm to 1.3cm and main tumour in liver reduced from 3.4cm to 2.9cm didn’t say anything else about the other 3 tumours in liver so assume they are probably too small to bother measuring the difference.
I’ve Started round 6 now. Has anyone had small shrinkage and seen bigger results after more treatment? I’m a little bit sad that it isn’t more but pleased no growth.


Hi @debjJH
Sorry that you had a difficult time with Capecitabine. Sounds like the reduced does has been more tolerable. Are you on any other chemo?
I had an ongoing response and reduction in tumours.
No growth or progression sounds positive.
Take care, Jane :x:

Liz Blakelands

@debjJH Glad that you are finding the lower dose chemo better. Please don't be discouraged, they are reducing in size which means that the chemo is having an impact on them and that is good news.
All the best
Liz :x::x: