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Further colonoscopy required to confirm diagnosis

First time posting, but have perused the threads over recent weeks, which has been invaluable 😀 to alleviate anxiety whilst waiting for results.

On 20April, I had colonoscopy (via urgent referral) and was informed I had a 50mm rectal tumour which was probably malignant, biopsies taken plus subsequent CT and MRI scan carried out.

Had my appointment yesterday with the colorectal consultant surgeon, whereby I thought I would have a diagnosis. I was informed my CT scan clear, MRI scan unclear and biopsies taken were benign. Due to the size, location and type of tumour / polyp the consultant wants to do further biopsies as he thinks the polyp potentially still may be cancerous. The consultant wants to try to remove the polyp via EMR (but has to be done via 2 specialised surgeons due to size of polyp) so a further evaluation can be performed, so awaiting further colonoscopy appointment.

As this is all new to me, has anyone else experienced this, whereby further follow up tests are required before a diagnosis is confirmed?


Hi @RosieT

Exactly the same thing happened to me. It’s such an emotional rollercoaster isn’t it?!

Unfortunately in my case, it was cancer. In fact they aborted the EMR almost immediately as the polyp didn’t ‘lift’ and they believed it was cancerous. I then went on to have LAR with ileostomy, which I had reversed in November. I was classified as stage 1 and just need regular mentoring. Please bear in mind this is just my story and I’ve seen plenty of people on here that just have it removed and it’s not cancerous, just a nasty polyp. Hopefully that will be the case for you :x:


Hi @RosieT
Welcome to the forum. I am pleased that you have found the forum helpful.

Sorry to hear of your ongoing tests and uncertainty. Its so tough going through all these tests and investigations.

I had something similar with a polyp that was inconclusive and went on to have it removed by EMR. This particular polyp wasn’t cancerous.

I wish you all the best with the procedure and hope that this turns out positively for you.

Jane :x: