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Colonoscopy Results

Hello everyone

I have a Permanent Colostomy and had Surgery May 2021. I had CT scan on 10th April 22 and Colonoscopy on 25th April 22.
I am assuming this is the yearly checkup but have yet to receive any results.
Has anyone any knowledge on the length of time you have waited before finding out the outcome of the above.
Getting a slightly worried with the delay in not knowing if all is okay.
Many thanks



Hi @Train1
In my experience recently, scan reports are taking many weeks to be reported by the radiologist. Timescales vary within hospital trusts.
Do you have a CNS that you can contact and ask for a timescale.
Its horrible not knowing when you might know.

Best wishes,
Jane :x:


Hello @Jane39

Many thanks, I rang my Consultant Secretary and they said the same thing.

Hopefully I will hear something soon.