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What does V1R0 mean in the diagnosis?

Just trying to understand all the letters and numbers which are pT4a pN1a V1 R0 and I'm not sure what V1 R0 mean? I understand the rest. Anyone know?


My understand is v1 is venous invasion. And r0 is that the resection was completed with clear margins! I'm not medically trained tho so do ask your team


@MikeHBristol you have a very similar diagnosis to my husband (click on my name for history). He is N1c as whilst no lymphnodes were affected he did have a deposit or two near the tumour. The V1 is indeed venous invasion which means cancer was found in the blood vessels - I believe it can also be known as EMVI+ but you'd need to check that with the professionals. My husband has also been treated in Bristol (assuming from your username you are too?) so I dare say you've been seen by the same consultants and nurses at Southmead. Feel free to message me if you want to ask anything about what comes next with being treated in Bristol. My husband has just finished 8 cycles of CAPOX at the oncology centre at the BRI following surgery last September at Southmead.


Hi. Very interesting read of your biog. I have not completed all of that, must do. I was diagnosed about the same time as your husband - July 21 and operation on 20 Sep at Southmead. 7 days in hospital as I had endless nausea post op and couldn't eat. Left hemicolectomy by Dr Sumrien. Chemo was 4 cycles of Capecitabine (Xelox) Nov - Jan this year. Chemo was with BRI and I'm now on the surveillance programme. I too was initially told it was IBS and it was only me asking in writing that got it investigated properly.