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Impressive NHS

As a result of the bowel cancer screening program I have recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer. I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with my local NHS services. Colonoscopy on Easter Saturday, CT scan the following Thursday, meeting with the surgeon the following Friday. Bowel resection Surgery scheduled for the 25th, met the anaesthesia team this week and an appointment with the post operation care team next week. I know that some will not have the same service but just wanted to post my appreciation for what the NHS have done for me so far. Ian

Liz Blakelands

@Finchie Hi Ian and welcome to the forum but really sorry about your diagnosis. I was picked up by the bowel screening program over 4 years ago and I will be forever grateful for that screening program.

Really glad that things are going to plan and in a timely way. There is a wealth of knowledge about all things bowel cancer on the forum so I hope you find it helpful and informative.

Good luck with the op, please keep in touch and let us know how you get on.
Liz :x::x:


Welcome to the forum @Finchie
I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis.
Your story shows the importance of the bowel screening programme.

Its great to hear that you have received excellent care from the NHS, which is the same experience as myself.

Good luck with surgery. Keep us posted.
Jane :x:


I had my colonoscopy on Friday 13th following a positive FIT test, they found a small tumour and removed 7 polyps, was sent for a ct scan that day, an due to hear Thursday/Friday the outcome of biopsies, scan and treatment plan, I was also allocated a key worker nurse and consultant, I have to say the treatment I received from walking in at 8.45 to leaving at 3.00pm was exceptional, it certainly helped at what was a difficult time, the Macmillan colorectal nurse also rang me this morning to see how I was both from the colonoscopy and how I was coping emotionally, I cannot fault the NHS treatment at all.

Mark McC


Sorry about your diagnosis, but glad you have a plan for treatment.

Couldn’t agree more about treatment once you’re diagnosed, all the staff and process is excellent. From a colonoscopy 21 October 2020 when they “found something” I was in front of the consultant surgeon on 16 November having had MRI, CT and bloods, started chemo on 30 Nov, 2 surgeries and more chemo last year and have just had the all clear from my first surveillance checks. I found the real problem was getting past the GP.

Good luck to you.


Hi @aliturn, pleased that you are also being well looked after. Hope all goes well as treatment progresses. Ian


Hi @Mark McC

Pleased that your treatment has worked out. I didn’t have any issues with my GP as I was referred directly by the screening program. My first interaction with the GP will be post operation in June.

Good luck for the future,



Hi Ian, sorry about your diagnosis, great your getting 5 star nhs treatment. In my experience having been diagnosed in April 2020 throughout the pandemic all the NHS staff where exemplary and I was lucky enough to get all the attention I needed. Scans, bloods, radio chemo, further chemo 2 operations. Well done to all those individuals who deserve our thanks 👏 good luck with your journey, best wishes..


@Finchie I think bowel screening program if fantastic .Willie was on metrotrexat because of his pshoridis and once thecrsult was missed butcsevond time they decidedcto repeatvit abd only because of it he found out.Our oncologist also is fantastic, pushing everything on time , all scans and even liver resection last year during pandemic .In general I think they really doing well so hope you will have soon good results of your treatments.Hugsxxx


Pleased to hear you've just had the all clear mark :)
I am so impressed with our nhs too and have been saying this to everyone! Since my colonoscopy on Saturday when they found the rectal tumour they have been incredible putting everything in place so so quickly. The consultant and all the staff for colonoscopy were so nice and so kins. Colorectal cancer nurse called me first thing Monday morning and was incredible. I have had CT and MRI scan one after another today. Have iron infusion tomorrow. Pre-hab with a physio and dietician on Friday to prepare me physically and mentally for surgery. They are encouraging me to go on my holiday on Saturday as planned so I can try and enjoy myself and then got my MDT on the Monday after I come back.
My only issue too was getting past GP. But then I don't really blame them. When I saw them in October with rectal bleeding I didn't have any of the risk factors and I'm only 40 so I guess I wouldn't have met criteria for referral. When I went back in April (and yes I should have gone sooner and that's my own fault) they been mega quick sensing me for blood tests and stool samples. Once the FIT came back as 400 and the bloods showed anemia they sent me straight off under the 2ww and colonoscopy came through in just under 2 weeks.
Anyone got any advice on how I prepare myself for the MDT. I'm petrified!! :x:

Liz Blakelands

Hi @Lizsa One of the best ways to prepare is to go on you holiday on Saturday as planned and just concentrate of having a good time.

The MDT is where the hospital colorectal team of consultants, nurses and other clinicians discuss your case and decide on the best treatment option or options for you. You are not present at that meeting. After that meeting you have a meeting with the consultant who is responsible for you.

When you get back just think about the questions you want to ask, see link below for suggestions, all your questions will be answered honestly by the consultant and usually after the meeting you have an opportunity to discuss further with the colorectal cancer nurse who will be in the meeting with the consultant.


Enjoy your holiday
Liz :x::x:


Ah those questions ar really helpful thanks @Liz Blakelands.
The MDT is actually on Tuesday and then they are meeting with us Monday after to tell us the results and plan. :x::x:


Exactly the same experience- rectal cancer picked up by bowel screening and colonoscopy organised within days followed by MRI and CT Just having my last radiotherapy session today and now all I have to do is wait till I get rescanned in around 11 weeks. The NHS is amazing