Stage 4 bowel cancer

You can find information about advanced bowel cancer on our website, including our Treating advanced bowel cancer booklet. You can also join our Living with stage 4 bowel cancer Facebook group.


Quick update

Hi well daves had a blood clot in his neck so hickman line coming out chemo suspended for now on blood thinners for the foreseeable, can't get line out for at least a week then hopefully get another fitted probably another week waiting, due scan on in 2weeks been told probably won't have line in before scan ,due phone call from oncologist 2 days after scan whether results will be in who knows, but Dave's got it in his head that they are waiting for scan before putting it back in,I've told him that's not the case because scan was booked before his blood clot happened it's his 3mths check up so far he's had 6 rounds of panitumumab and folfiri and his cea has dropped from 44 to 4.5 his last scan was stable no progression in the last 6mths so 🤞🙏 looks ok but trying to convince him is hard once he gets something like this in his head which is understandably