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Surgery postponed now symptoms worse

Hello, I was due to have my colon removed last Wednesday (11th May) however due to lots of complications with another patient, my surgery was cancelled after I’d waited 8 hours ready to go and I’d done the enema etc etc.

I also had to have an iron transfusion the week before which has made me feel quite unwell. This has been pretty constant since having it.

The problem I’m having is that since last week, it feels like having fully emptied my bowel, my symptoms have got worse (more pain, more blood). I feel very drained and unwell, where as before the iron transfusion I just had the odd episode of feeling pain.

I’m due to have surgery next week (26th May) and I’ve really got in my head the last few days that the cancer has got much worse. I don’t yet know how bad it is but the increase in symptoms makes me feel like it’s got a lot worse.

Spending so long in hospital expecting to go in to theatre for so many hours really took its toll on me too.

I suppose I’m not sure what I’m asking but has anyone been through anything similar and can you give any guidance for the next week? I’m a bit lost.

Liz Blakelands

@possum Oh I do feel for you, it must have been truly awful to be waiting all day and then have your surgery cancelled. So very very stressful. And having done all the bowel prep. I am not surprised that you feel very drained and unwell. Please don't despair though.

The 2 weeks delay will not have made any difference to the tumour, they are slow growing but do contact your colorectal nurse to discuss the increased pain and blood.

Going forward I think you need to rest up and recover from the stress of the cancelled op and try to put it behind you, I know that will be really hard. One day at a time.

All the best for surgery on 26 May and for a speedy recovery.
Sending a big hug
Liz :x::x:

Forum user

Oh @possum what an awful ordeal, cancellation after mentally and emotionally to physic yourself for this, must be hell. Your almost there, with a new date, speak to your team often and they can reassure you too. Baby steps I was advised, it took some doing, but getting your head around it means your only dealing with small amounts. Worth a go maybe? Thinking of you :x::x::x:


Totally relate to your comments
The siting and waiting and then having op cancelled us just so hard as you have built yourself up .
I had iron infusion before op too but unlike you I was ok afterwards but we are all different and if like you after felt unwell it is going to have huge impact on your mental state
Going through this we do find inner strength but we are human and getting closer to being tipped over edge is understandable in your recent situation
You are doing amazingly
I remember having similar worries when due to have 1st infusion chemo treatment and having to cancel for week due to getting covid
I panicked that the delay of week could mean the cancer spread or grew bigger but I was reassured this was not case but it does play with your already bursting brain
Good luck :x::x: