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Appointment tomorrow

I feel so so sick. It’s been 2 weeks since I had my colonoscopy and was told that I have bowel cancer. Since then I have had MRI and CT scans. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the surgeon to find out all the results and for them to tell me my treatment plan. I am petrified they are going to tell me it’s bad news! I wish I could pause time and not let this all happen 😢


I haven’t been in your position but my husband has, and so I feel I know to some extent what you are going through.
Sending you a hug :x::x::x:

Liz Blakelands

@claresummer It is a scary time because you don't know but tomorrow you will be told a lot more about your tumour and more importantly what the treatment plan is. Try to get a good nights sleep and best of luck for tomorrow, big hug :x::x:


The wait for results is always the worst but I was told, just like you, that there was a cancerous tumour and also had an MRI/CT scan.
Talking to the surgeon after all that and he was part of the MDT that arranged my treatment.
You will be told what is planned and ask as many questions as you like. The team will have have worked out the best treatment for your condition, no treatment is exactly the same because we are all different, but they will doing their utmost to ensure a successful outcome.
Everyone on here has been through this one way or another and are here to support and answer questions but none are medically trained so can’t be specific unless it’s a treatment they have been through and even then there will be differences.
Once you know what is going on, it will make things a lot easier.
Wishing the best possible outcome, I got one and wish the same for everyone.

Keith aka Leaguefan


I’m too scared to sleep. 😢


Feel for you. Try to get some rest. Have you got someone going with you? My husband was diagnosed a year ago. There have been some very tough times but as others have said the waiting is particularly hard. Once you have a plan in place you will know where you are. Sleep tight :x::x:


I will hopefully find out my results and treatment plan on Thursday or possibly Friday, it's a scary time but I think once you know where things are going it will be easier, I keep thinking it's one step nearer to dealing with my unwanted guest and hopefully getting it evicted, will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow :x:


I’m going on my own :x::x: I’m divorced and don’t have a partner, when we split (he had an affair after 18yrs together) I threw everything into bringing up our 3 children :x::x:
I have amazing friends and parents but I don’t want to burden anyone with it so going alone :x::x:


@claresummer you wrote about going to the appointment alone before, and of course it’s your decision, but are you sure it’s a good idea? The appointment tomorrow is an important one: it’s possible be that you will not just be told what the plan is: you may have a choice in what the plan will be. Are you sure you will be able to take in all the information you need to make an informed decision if that happens? Will you be able to ask all the relevant questions?
I was given a choice between two treatment plans and was told to think about the options for a few days. I was so glad I had taken someone with me; between us, we more or less remembered what had been said, but on my own I really would have struggled to make a choice based on what I remembered.


I’m not sure if going on my own is the right decision, but I am sticking to it. :x::x::x: hopefully I remember it all, if not then I can always ring the nurse and speak to her again :x::x::x:
Feel sick to my stomach


@claresummer good luck for today. Just take it a step at a time :x::x::x:


Hi @claresummer. Hope today’s meeting goes well. I saw the consultant initially then saw my nurse straight after who went through everything again to make sure I understood it all. You could ask if they minded you recording the meeting on your phone? :x:

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It is your decision of course it is, I think because we’ve been here, we know it can be difficult to take it all in, but yes, ring afterwards if needs be.
Sending a virtual hand hold lovely and hope feeling scared will be replaced soon with a plan. Take care :x::x::x:

Quote from @claresummer:
I’m not sure if going on my own is the right decision, but I am sticking to it. hopefully I remember it all, if not then I can always ring the nurse and speak to her again
Feel sick to my stomach


Hi, so sorry your going through this. Have you got a Macmillan nurse assigned to you? Apparently they will sit in with you and go through your journey with you. I didn't get the opportunity but in hindsight would have helped me alot. I found that I can't remember much of the consultation and was very lucky to have an angel of a wife who is living this with me. I also have a phone call with oncologist tomorrow and could go either way. Good luck tomorrow, best wishes..


good luck with your appointment @claresummer it is a difficult decision and i find having people with me has its pros and cons. If I am getting new information, I find it really helpful to have someone who can hear and listen. The hospital I think have representatives like social workers or macmillan case workers as @MattyB suggests. Could be an option. good luck :x::x:


@claresummer..I’ve been thinking of you today, hope your appointment went ok. :x::x::x:


@claresummer hope the appointment went well. :x::x::x: