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Thought I'd better say hello

I would just like to say hello.
I tested positive on a FIT test recently, had a colonoscopy on Friday 13th where they found what they are pretty sure was a small tumor, also had 7 polyps removed. Had a CT scan same day, Macmillan colorectal nurse and consultant assigned. I was added to this week's list for discussion of results and treatment and was told I'd be contacted on Thursday or Friday to tell me what happens next.
Been a pretty emotional week, up and down daily, we do have a family history of bowel cancer so in some ways it wasn't a total shock.


Hi, I have my meeting tomorrow to find out my treatment plan. I know exactly how you are feeling and send you all my love :x::x: We can do this :x::x:

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@aliturn @claresummer you can both do this lovelies because the best place for bc is in the bin ASAP. I’m sorry your both here but there’s some fab people on here that are fighting this disease with treatment. Sending good wishes to you both and hope all plans come together nicely :x::x::x:

Liz Blakelands

@aliturn Hi and welcome to the forum although really sorry about your diagnosis. The shock of the diagnosis and the wait for a treatment plan is really hard. Please believe when I say that when you know more about your tumour and have the treatment plan you start to feel more in control again.

All the best and let us know how you get on Thurs/Friday
Liz :x::x:


Hi @aliturn
Welcome to the forum.
I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. So much to process in such a short space of time.
However, it sounds like things have been arranged very quickly for you.

The charity publications (top right) are an excellent resource for information.

In regards to your family history of bowel cancer, have your family had any input from genetics. It may be worth exploring this with your team at some point.

Best wishes for the plan ahead. There is always lots of support and experience here for you. Jane :x:


Hi Jane, the macmillan nurse mentioned the genetic aspect last week when discussing history, my dad had it, luckily he was aware of symptoms so was caught early, he had his operation at 65 and lived to 95, both my grandmothers had it and also an aunt, she did mention that conformation of a genetic link may lead to earlier testing of the next generation but I was a bit overwhelmed with the speed of everything but no doubt we will discuss further st some point.


Hi @aliturn
Certainty sounds like you have a strong family history.
This is all so overwhelming for you right now but something that needs exploring at some point. I have a strong family history like you with a genetic link.
I am sure your team will discuss further with you.
Take care,
Jane :x: