Worried about bowel cancer

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The torture of waiting!

Hello all, I’m new here. I hope you are all doing well. I’m not diagnosed and I hopefully won’t be but my Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer last year. Thankfully he has responded very well to treatment but I’ve now got some worrying symptoms.

I had an admission in March for infective colitis due to campylobacter. I was discharged having recovered but about 6 days after discharge I started with a new right iliac fossa pain. This has progressively got worse. My CT scans have shown “ascending colon- focal lesion, bowel thickening, atypical of colitis” I’ve also had a colonoscopy which showed “ascending colon and ileocaecal valve are oedematous, inflamed and ulcerated” Four biopsies were taken but it could be several more weeks before the results come back.

Over the last week I’ve started to feel really fatigued, nauseous and the pain has become more persistent. Its still in the right iliac fossa area radiating up towards the ribs. Its a burning type pain with episodes of short,sharp, severe pain. It’s really impacting my ability to do small tasks as any movement or short walk increases the pain and the nausea. I’m also eating less (a good thing as I am overweight!) as eating causes more pain. My bowel movements are normal, some days a little looser but not diarrhoea. Some days I have an urgency and my bowel evacuation is very quick. I’ve not observed any blood and I’m apyrexial. I get tired, sweaty and puffed doing minor tasks. Before all of this started I was healthy, working full time (ICU nurse) but now I feel easily wiped.

It so frustrating having to wait so long for my results, I’m now almost 4 weeks of waiting (Damn Covid causing backlogs) In the meantime I’m just getting worse. I just want answers, treatment for whatever it is and to get back to normal. I’m just really fed up now.

Anyone with similar symptoms or pain? It’s not a cramping pain, it’s burning. Aggravated by movement/walking, eating.

Anyone else having to wait so long for biopsy results?


Good morning @Tashasmummy, a very warm welcome to the forum although I am sorry to hear about your Father’s diagnosis and your present health problems.

I hope you do not have to wait too much longer for the biopsy results, but meanwhile I would advise you contacting your GP to discuss this pain. If you have a colorectal contact at the hospital you might think about contacting them instead?

Your questions are absolutely valid but the problem is however people may answer - and experiences obviously vary enormously, it is you that needs medical input. If the pain becomes unbearable you will need to go to A&E - as you know, something to avoid if at all possible.

Take very good care and please stay in touch, Kim :x::x: