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Have just spoken to my colorectal nurse regarding the MDT yesterday, she confirmed no spread so tumour localized which was a huge relief, the 7 polyps removed were all benign, another relief, will see consultant in next 2 weeks then the plan is to operate. I feel the news is the best it can be :x:

Liz Blakelands

@aliturn Not having any spread of the tumour is really good news so a huge relief. If possible start thinking about really eating well and exercise prior to your op. The fitter you are prior to op the better your recovery.

Fill the time between the consultant's appointment with some things you really enjoy.
All the best, Liz :x::x:


Thanks for the advice Liz :x:

Forum user

That is great news @aliturn and a massive relief, eating, sleeping and exercise is a great way of taking small steps towards your op. Take care :x::x:


Hi @aliturn I fully agree with the advice you have already received as I got the same after my diagnosis & pre-op last year as it ensured I was in the best possible shape to have major surgery & recover from it.
Gave up alcohol & nearly 12 months on am still not drinking any.
Seen a lot of people last couple of weeks I last saw in 2020 just before the first lockdown as they had to self isolate so left the office & I retired from work before they came back & none of them can really believe I have undergone major surgery etc as I look so healthy.
So getting yourself in shape for the op pays off.
Great news there is no spread.:D
Take care