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Holiday and swimming

Hi all
Still fairly new to the world of bowel cancer hubby was diagnosed last august had surgery and stoma fitted he has finished chemo and had the all clear we are now looking forward to our cruise that has been delayed a couple of years thanks to covid my question is what stoma’s bag covers do you recommend for to go swimming if he can bring himself to do it
I hope someone can advise


There are some on amazon. What we have is an emergency grabbag of a weeks supply.. It's in a little bag and looks good. That goes every where we go, just incase. I would get in touch with your stoma supply people and see what they suggest. Maybe the stoma nurses have supplies.

is interesting.
my wife uses a elasticated support for exercising. She got it from the stoma suppliers


I wore a "rash vest" - the close fitting swim tops you can get in places like Decathlon. It won't keep the outside of the bag dry but it does give amazing support and also you can't see the bag either.