Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Conflicting CT scans - now going for a PET scan

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar;

I recently came to the end of my first 4 rounds of CAPIRI and had a CT scan to check on progress. Met with my Gastro consultant and he said the scan showed a small amount of shrinkage in the liver met, and possibly some reduction in the primary tumour. All sounding good and going to get the liver team to talk to me.

However, the following day I was admitted to hospital with a blockage (confirmed by CT) and had emergency surgery so everything pretty much put on hold for a few weeks.

I’m now recovering from that but had a meeting with my oncologist this week and apparently the more recent CT scan from when I was admitted for surgery shows no improvement in either tumour or lesion. If anything, the primary tumour is worse and this is what caused the blockage. Very disappointing news and agreed that the chemo would be changed as it didn’t seem to be working.

It seems very strange that the scans could change dramatically in the space of 10 days so I was left a bit deflated and more than a little confused.

However… had some frantic calls from the nurses last night. Apparently I was quite a hot topic at the MDT meeting yesterday and they are now back to considering surgery (presumably on the liver met, and possibly the bowel???). End result is that they want me to have a PET scan asap and then meet with the consultants to discuss further.

It’s been a right roller coaster of a week, and while the latest news is cautiously optimistic, my nerves are frazzled! I’m quite a calm and accepting sort, but I’m finding it quite hard to keep up with all this, particularly whilst coming to terms with having a colostomy and a 10 inch scar in my abdomen..

I’m sure others have had worse weeks, but just feeling the need to share / vent!

Anyway, any feedback on conflicting CT scans or info on PET scans is welcome 👍🏻