Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Nivolumab + Ipilimumab

Has anyone experience of immunotherapy?

My husband has developed metastatic cancer of the rectum after a right hemi six years ago. He has commenced the immunotherapy but developed colitis causing this to be postponed. He started on high dose steroids a week ago but is feeling really tired and drained.

I am terrified that the disease has progressed - he now has a hoarse voice and and is depressed beyond belief. Two and a half months ago he would do two 12 mile hikes and a park run each week and now doesn't surface before lunchtime.

Any advice please?

Regards to all


Good afternoon @LL, I am sorry to hear how your husband is suffering from these side effects, which I know from reading comments on here, are not uncommon. I have no direct experience of these immunotherapy drugs, but there have been a good few posts in the past which can be found using the search box above.

In addition is your your husband a member of the Immunotherapy FB group that also comes under the BCUK umbrella, - link below.

Please stay in touch and fingers crossed that he can re-commence the treatment, Kim :x::x:


Many thanks @Lirio345. Unfortunately husband is not 'joiner' of groups - but I have looked at the previous posts from members.
Liz. :x::x:


Hi again @LL, I have just double checked for you, and you as the carer could apply to join the private FB group mentioned above; they are very knowledgeable! Take care, Kim :x::x:


Hi. My husband was on nivolumab for 8 months all was going great cancer stable then out of the blue he developed severe colitis he has been on steroids for 3 months now and also had 3 lots of infliximab and still 2 more doses left to have but everytime we reduce steroids he flares up. My husbands immunotherapy has had to be permanently stopped because the colitis was severe and affected the whole bowel he is currently on watch and wait due a scan next month we are absolutely terrified as he has been off treatment for 4 months now and is very fatigued we are worried there may have been some progression the oncologist did say that if the scan shows progression my husband could possibly have chemotherapy combined with panitumumab. Such a scary worrying time isn't it. :x::x::x: