Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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How long post-operative pain

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer in November 2021. Had right hemicolectomy with intracorporeal anastamosis in February 2022.
The wounds have healed really well but my problem is I have persistent internal soreness at two of my wound sites - one on left at level of belly button and around and one on upper left abdomen. The pain is particularly acute if someone presses on that area of my abdomen, if I try to sit up from lying or when I cough.
I have bad diverticular disease on the left of my colon to extent that when they did the original colonoscopy they had to use a child's 'scope' to get around the bend. I have had the belly button pain since they did the colonoscopy.
I am wondering if the pain is associated with the diverticular disease or the operation. I'm also scare that cancer may be lurking in the diverticula. They did take samples from there when they did colonoscopy and nothing was detected.
I've also recently developed a lot of joint pain and my C-reactive protein and platelet levels are up. I had CEA blood test and this came back as normal. Full blood count is normal and GP says no further action required.
I'm 72 and the colon cancer nurses suggested the pain might just be slow recovery due to my age. I am not due to see them until August. My GP suggested possibly adhesions.
Before my diagnosis i did a lot of exercise but this is stopping me. I can walk and do aerobic style classes but Pilates lying down exercises that involve rounding my spine are impossible. Also find it difficult to get up out of bed without lying on my side and pushing myself up.
Has anyone had similar experience or can throw light?


Hello @Ostrich49 I am sorry that you are feeling these pains. My immediate thought is that it might take time to recovery from the operation and that these pains could be caused by adhesions and internal scars. But I'm not a medical person. I'd advise to talk to your GP or colorectal surgeon to get their advice :x::x:


Thanks for kind words @Siona
Yes think that must be the next step.