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Summer fun and coming up to 6yrs (BRAF)

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all ok. I haven’t posted for a while but managed to crawl through 6months of Folfirinox to deal with recurrence last summer. I was incredibly lucky as it worked very well and became NED again in January. Despite my calling Folfirinox Satan chemo, I didn’t want to let it go so we did 50% dose for a couple of months before taking the plunge back on to 5FU & Avastin, beautiful regime.

I’m SO happy to say my first scan after 3 months on this is still NED! A bit of a risk but body needed a break. I had 2.5/3yrs on this before a peritoneum recurrence so I’m keeping all crossed for a run on it but who knows, may fall on its arse early and will cross that bridge as and when.

So grateful for this first good result and can have a good summer with my babies with easier regime to manage in the school holidays. My babies are now 10 and 8! We’ve been having lots of breaks/holidays together and such a lovely age 💜💜 Keeping all crossed for more memory making and total joy with them. Coming up to 6 years in August. I’ll keep clinging on as best can!

Love to everyone and keep hydrated this week chemo crew. Thanks to all the amazing Mods on here! Helen :x::x:


Great news @HH79 :x::x::x:


Well done you. 👍❤️💪🏻😎


@HH79 so pleased to hear your great news and long may this continue. Have a fantastic summer with your babies :x::x::x::x:


ohh this is fantastic ❤️💪🏻 @HH79 :x::x:


Fantastic ❤️


Gorggeous pic and thank you for sharing - have a superb summer with those lovely water babies!B-)


What a lovely pic @HH79 - here's to a lovely long summer ahead for you and your family and wonderful to read your news. Betty :x::x::x:


Absolutely Fantastic news @HH79 - what a beautiful photo !! :x::x::x: have fun :x::x: 💕

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Have a great summer with your family and hope the sun shines @HH79 :x:


That’s lovely news, enjoy your Summer :x: @HH79



Liz Blakelands

@HH79 Wonderful photo, have a brilliant summer :x::x:


Loving your news and photo @HH79


Fabulous news!! My aunty is BRAF and they've put her off avastin advising that it wouldn't work. Have you done the doublette @HH79 ?? :x: :x:


Hi @1234annie its tricky one I’ve had a lot of success from Avastin & 5FU’s had 2.5yr on it before too. Hard to know! I’ve not yet used Beacon, no. Hope your Aunty is doing ok :x::x::x:


great news :x:


Four years for me this summer and I’m also NED post 16 :x: chemo and 23 :x: immuno for stage 4. I have missed all the lovely people on this forum! :x::x:


I just LOVE this post! Happy little family bobbing around in the sea! As you already know Helen, I'm absolutely thrilled for you with this amazing news. Also thrilled to see you embracing the cold water experience!

Loads of love and all my very best wishes,

Karen 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻


Awesome news! So inspiring, thanks for sharing and long may it continue! :x::x::x:


@HH79. Just read your update. This is brilliant news and it’s so heartwarming to see your photo with those gorgeous children. Long may your NED status last Sending congratulations with a hug. ❤️❤️