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Repeat liver MRI

I'm feeling super nerves, I had my 3 monthly scans yesterday after a few weeks break in treatment. I had a call today to come back today to have another liver MRI scan. She said it doesn't happen often but they want more detail. Now I am thinking all sorts as my liver was clear in March. I want to get off this horrible rollercoaster. Anyone else had this happen.


Hi @Shellbag, so sorry you are going through all of this anxiety - it is absolutely horrible isn’t it?
The hospital is being super efficient, proactive and professional, - which is exactly what we want. We would just prefer the results to be instant! Take very good care and please let us know how you get on, Kim :x::x:


This is us right now @Shellbag .Fiancé had treatment paused after high liver levels in his bloods. Oncologist went on auto pilot and sent him for ultrasound which came back with 4 impenetrable masses on liver so we were sent for urgent MRI. He admitted he should have requested an mri in the first place. We had to chase and chase and finally got the appointment after 2 weeks. He had the scan Wednesday and now we’re waiting for the results.

Oncologist told us it is unusual for something to pop up during chemo but not impossible. For us though, he has hemangiomas on his liver that have shown up in two previous mris (last one end of feb) and have been told they’re benign so we could be stressing for nothing. This anxiety and waiting is horrible. He feels a bit better in himself from the treatment break which my hopeful head is seeing as a good sign ….

I hope your appointment comes through soon :x:


Turned out that the wrong type of MRI was done, an abbreviated MRI was completed and the docs wanted a complete detailed one instead. Oh my goodness though, it scares the heck out of you. Why they couldn't tell me on the phone is beyond me, they only fessed it was human error 5 minutes before the repeat scan.