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Liver ablation advice

Morning !
Anyone with advice please on Liver Ablation treatment which i will receive in a few weeks time for two small liver mets.Thanks in advance :x:


Hi, Alan, I am booked in for ablation next week for one very small liver met. I will let you know how I get on. The surgeon recommended this versus open surgery due to the small size of the lesion and its position. I have been told to expect one night in hospital and then home. Let's hope that is the case.


@Alanj I have had ablation treatment twice on my liver in 2020 April & August and i have since been monitored every three months and my liver has stayed clear since then. The first time I had some complications (a pneumothorax) and as it was resting on my diaphragm had shoulder pain and side pain which lasted about two weeks - but the second time easy ride. I was in hospital two nights the first time and one night the second time. All the best for yours! :x::x::x:


@Alanj, I’ve just had my ablation and it went well. If you search under my name you will see the update. :x: