Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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Just started Xelox

Hi hope the heat wasn’t too bad for everyone 🥵I dreamt of drinking ice cold coke yesterday !! I just have a quick question did anyone take diarrhoea tablets before they had it ? I had it very bad yesterday morning (day 3) and then took the tablets after which worked, also is there any cold drink anyone recommends that doesn’t taste weird, unfortunately water tastes gross now 🤢anyone tried cold milk ?
Thanks in advance 😀


Hi @crispie, after lots of trial and error, I found the most palatable drink was diluted fresh orange juice. Though I guess everyone is different. Best of luck Sue :x::x:

foster mum

@crispie , I was told milk with ice in it. I don’t like milk, but now love it with ice! Good luck, Vivien


Dandelion & Burdock, or ginger beer. Nothing else worked. Water, tea, coffee and squash all horrid!