Stage 4 bowel cancer

You can find information about advanced bowel cancer on our website, including our Treating advanced bowel cancer booklet. You can also join our Living with stage 4 bowel cancer Facebook group.



This is 4 year into on off treatments
Cancer in liver and spleen.
Only had 1 lot of chemo as stopped due to low platelet and bad liver function
When my partner eats he feels something is blocking him and gets very bloated and now very itchy and very dark wee.
Coukd the cancer have spread so bad into liver it’s now not working?
We will obviously speak to doctor tomorrow but for today he feels they will say there’s nothing they can do. I hate to see him so low with no hope


Hi @josephine, I am so sorry to hear that your partner is feeling so poorly.

I really wish we could give medical advice on here, but we cannot as we are not qualified. What I would say is that if he feels very poorly today you might consider contacting NHS 111?

Please take very good care and let us know how you get on, Kim :x::x: