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Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Hi all, just after some advice again. My husband is due for his first flexible sigmoidoscopy since his TEMS treatment and I was just wondering if they give you an idea of the results immediately? When he had his colonoscopy I got the call to go and meet him for the results which I already knew at that point it was bad news but I’m also relieved they didn’t leave us hanging to wait for the news so kind of hoping they will let him know there and then if things look ok?


Hi @cw1988 if there's nothing to be seen, they will usually tell you that immediately, and it is possible it will be said during the procedure too, especially if your husband is awake and looking at the screen.
If they see a polyp, it will have to be analysed in a lab, so you won't get the results straight away. I think in most cases you will know straight away.
Take care :x::x:


Thank you for the reply :x::x: