Moving on from bowel cancer

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Five year scan and all clear

Just wanted to share the good news with you all. I was diagnosed in April 2017 T4N2M0 Dukes C1 tumour being 40x30x20 , with the cancer spreading to 10 lymph nodes of the 16 removed, some moderate and some aggressive. Successful operation and then chemo, folfox for six months with the last three cycles changed to capecitabine. Steroid induced Diabetes which has now gone. The only issue that I have now is Peripheral Neuropathy for which I take Pregabalin. In 2018 we took the decision to move to Yorkshire so transferred my care to York who do everything relating to the operation date so had extra scan when we moved up. Last November had an early Colonoscopy which was clear and this May had my last scan. Talked with the Nurse yesterday as my results had not come back yet and she said that things were a bit slow at the moment but kindly checked for my results. Hey Ho all clear, official letter coming soon. Have not been around much so my apologies but we have had many issues with a new build, then covid and other stuff. I wish everyone well and will still pop in now and again. Best Regards to you all. This site has been a life saver.


I love reading good news! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your summer! 💐


Hi @steve707
Fabulous news and so lovely to see you pop by and share with the community.
Take care and good wishes to you,
Jane :x::x::x:


More great news, congrats @steve707 fantastic result and wishing you a great summer! 🙂

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Great news @steve707 - good to hear from you :x:

Liz Blakelands

@steve707 Brilliant news, thank you so much for sharing the great news :x::x:


Fantastic news!


More good news.
Just want more from everyone affected by this unwanted disease.


Wow Steve!

That's great news! I'm new to the site just joined today. Got the news yesterday that my husband Jay's bowel cancer has recurred after having a successful operation to remove all the cancer back in January this year. All sorts going on in my head just now anger, shock, disbelief etc. He is the one being calm and positive and holding it altogether I on the other hand am in bits. It's come back in his stomach lining and showing slightly in his pelvis. His surgeon said it is slow growing though but surgery is not an option this time and so we have to meet with his oncologist in 2 weeks time to sort out a management plan. He has type 2 diabetes also and his blood sugar levels have went through the roof and the surgeon just about `hit the roof` when he told her that his blood sugar levels have never been monitored since he came out of hospital at the end of January (covid blamed again no doubt by the GPs) when he was in they were monitoring his blood sugars every other day. So I take it she will be lettering them and telling them in no uncertain terms to get their backsides in gear. Your post gives hope to us all Steve and I just hope one day I can come back on here and give good news about Jay just like you have. Well done! and take care.


Amazing news!!!! Thankyou so much for sharing :x::x:


Brilliant news @steve707 :x::x:


Hi @steve707 great to read your story.;D
Take care


Great news @steve707 another great update 💪 :x:


Fantastic news @steve707! Great to share with us all so thank you for that!

Sending loads of love and very best wishes,

Karen 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻


Congrats @steve707. Great news. Good luck for the future. Any news from @Delboy? :x::x::x:


Fantastic news @steve707 :x::x::x:


@bexly33 Thanks for the kind wishes. Have not heard from Delboy for some time now, I have been absent from the forum for a little while now, just had so much going on not that I am complaining.
Love to you all.:x::x::x:




Thanks for sharing @steve707 Congratulations...onwards and upwards 👍 @Josianna :x::x::x: