Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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Due to start treatment

My operation was 9th May which was successful in removing all tumour, I have been fortunate that I healed quickly with no complications. I am walking, doing yoga regularly now so full steam ahead…….no; went to oncologist appointment 2 weeks ago my tumour is high risk of returning and as 1 lymph node was infected I start 6 months of chemotherapy in July. When I had my first CT scan in February nodules were found in my lungs, nothing to worry about I was told but now I am waiting for another scan to see if there is any change.
The weather is great at the moment, which I am taking advantage of, I do feel a little silly writing on here as I’m not very confident that I have anything to contribute but I have been reading this forum most nights and wanted to join in. Thank you

Mark McC

Hi @Mapledog

Glad to hear the op went OK, and contributing here is far from silly.

I had chemo to shrink my tumour then surgery that went well, but had 2 bothersome lymph nodes showing cancer cells so had more chemo. Not ideal, I was was sure it would be full steam ahead to the next surgery, but I had to put the breaks on.

Enjoy the weather and time with family and friends, the chemo is worth it in the end , as while it was effectively left to me whether or not I wanted it, I wanted to do everything I could for the best chance of recovery, TBH it was the first time I was in charge during the treatment having been swept along until that point.

Make sure you ask lots of questions about the chemo, and get contact numbers for support

Good luck and stay in touch.


Thank you Mark, will do

Liz Blakelands

@Mapledog Of course you have something to contribute to the forum, your experience of bowel cancer, it is important to tell your story and I'm sure it will help someone else.

So glad that you have recovered will from your successful op but a shock when you saw the oncologist and realise more treatment was required.

Enjoy the weather and do lots of nice things, eat well and be kind to yourself. You had a lot to deal with, take time to take in what has happened.

Then you are ready for the next round to kick the cancer into touch.

All the best
Liz :x::x: