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Worried About Vomiting

My hubby has just turned a corner after suffering with an ileus for a week after his right hemi colectomy. As soon as he was able to pass a BM, the nurses removed his NG tube, he was fine all day however has just vomited a lot of bile. I’m just confused because his bowels have started working yet he is still throwing up, they tried putting the ng tube back in but he refused. Has anyone had any experience with this in the past, or could someone shed some light on what might be causing this. I feel like we take one step in the right direction and the end up being right where we started. I just want this all to end.


The vomit is green also!!!!


Hi @safasks
Sorry to hear that your husband is struggling with post op ileus. The bowel does take time to settle for some people after surgery but he will get there.
I can understand your husband not wanting the NG Tube reinserted but if the vomiting continues he may have to.
But, things will settle. I’m sure his team will review him this morning and have a plan.
Fingers crossed he is feeling better today.
Take care, Jane :x::x::x:


Morning I’ve actually just posted about the “green stuff”
Where the heck does it all come from!!???
I had NG tube for a week while in hospital- not pleasant experience is it??
I too kept being sick even when tube in- in my case although I was opening my bowels I had :x:-ray where you take a aniceed liquid ( yuck) I threw up taking that too!! This showed although my bowels were working not as much as expected to be.
Later there was like feeling in stomach and on going to loo I passed loads of the green stuff - I was later told my stomach just had not fully started working- I understand fully your comments- I found the tube hard to cope with and I was offered to remove but might have to have put back which I don’t think I could have done which why ended up keeping in for week- to leave on happier note- omg the feeling when tube removed!! Pure happiness- I wish you all the best :x: