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Constipation after LAR

OK so I was thinking I was going to end up with diarrhoea and I have the opposite problem. I'm really constipated. I feel like I need to go for a 💩 and I manage to pass a bit but its really difficult and feels like it starting to reopen an old fissure which I really don't want back. Also I'm having to strain and terrified I might break my resection join (is that even possible?). I spoke to the colorectal nurse who didn't want me to take laxatives she said its early days (surgery 6 days ago) and to try upping the fibre, prunes, apple juice, fruit etc. I've been doing all that since yesterday afternoon. I've also been drinking more water and walking around more but its mot working.
Anyone else have this?
Thanks :x:


Hi @Lizsa this happened to my husband. He phoned the ward on day 6, a Sunday and spoke to one of the drs. They suggested that I went to the chemist and got some Laxido for him. This was successful after several sachets at I think, 2 hourly intervals. He said it was like shitting door knobs! But he was so relieved.
I was quite angry because he was discharged on a low fibre diet, which I had queried as the surgeon had told him he would be able to eat what he wanted, but the nurses were pro low fibre. He also was on codeine and iron tablets, so constipation was inevitable really.
As you have already been able to pass a bit, which was not my husbands experience, you might ask the colorectal nurses about a stool softener. But do it today because they may not work weekends. In my area they are a Mon - Fri service.
Good luck, I hope you feel more comfortable soon. I’d like to know how you get on :x::x:


Hi @freyaburmesejanet . That's interesting what you say about your husbands experience as I had the same. The surgeon said I could eat what I want. The colorectal nurses were adamant I needed a low fibre diet. I was so confused about what to eat. Anyway I started off low fibre and like you said with all the painkillers and morphine in the hospital and lack of movement its hardly surprising to be constipated! Nurse didn't seem to want me to take laxatives in case I go the other way. So I've been eating shed loads of prunes! I'm managing to pass stools but they just flipping hurt!! I think it's partly because I'm not used to formed stools too as I've had loose stools for so long! I'm also having to strain a bit which scares me and feel like I can't fully empty. So more prunes and lots of water. Unfortunately I've managed to get an anal fissure again which happened after childbirth originally and I really don't want it to get worse! I may give up and just have the fybogel tomorrow anyway! :x:


So I didnt have the fybogel. Just ate some prunes and a bit more fibre.
I've gone the other way now. Been to the loo 10 times today. Its not diarrhoea or particularly loose, but smaller and softer so not hurting my bum. Its annoying having to go so much. I will try cutting fibre down a bit again. Hope it all settles down!