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Curious AGAIN

Hi all,
H few weeks ago I commented that no news is good news after having blood tests and CTI as part of my ongoing care. Eventually I did get a letter from the surgeon saying everything was fine and NO EVIDENCE of anything toward and the colorectal nurses would monitor tests etc.
So, you can imagine my surprise when I receive an appointment letter for a telephone discussion with one of the surgical team at the beginning of August.
It just doesn't seem to fit in with plan laid out that's all.
There is no problem from my perspective, and I doubt if there is anything that has changed.
I must admit that I haven't spoken to any of the surgical team who did my operation nearly 2 years ago. My assumption is they are " catching up" as I have never been given an "outpatient appointment" except for blood tests and CT/Colonoscopy which are part of the plan.
Certainly not worried but have others had similar situations?


I am with you there as I’ve had telephone conversations and not seen anyone except for blood tests and ct scan :x::x:


I usually have a scheduled follow up appointment with my 'surgical team's every six months after bloods and/ or bloods and CT. In reality, it's a phone call with the CNS. :x:


Thanks everyone.
It will be interesting to hear what they have to say. From my perspective, I doubt if anything could be much better than it is even with “erratic “ but controllable toilet habits.


I was interested in your post.
I had my operation 6 weeks ago and due to longer stay in hospital than expected due to few issues -I was told histology results all good and no further chemo!
I think it was a lot to take in but recently friends are asking me when my follow up appointment is but I don’t have one. I was told 6 monthly blood test and yearly colonoscopy
I did have call this week from hospital asking if my wounds had cleared up ok? So I think everyone has different follow up treatments/appointments etc and prob different trust just do things differently
Good luck


@hev are you sure it’s annual colonoscopy and not annual CT (with colonoscopies at 1 and 3 or 5 years)?


No I was definitely told 6 monthly CEA Blood test and yearly colonoscopy but as much as I know I was told this I’ve asked colorectal team to confirm- I think I’m now querying things for two reasons-1 being I’m in better place now to question and secondly using this forum everyones experiences are all different too!