Worried about bowel cancer

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Check your poo

Deborah James' death has really sent me into turmoil this week having been on treatment for stage 4 Bowel Cancer myself for 5 years. Watching the programme on TV on Thursday really brought home how much we cope with living with Cancer and it's effects on our lives. Deborah has been such an inspiration to all of us and hopefully to the World.
I felt I needed to write one of my little poems to get her message across.

Don't forget to check your poo,
It's the one thing each day that you have to do.
If there are traces of blood or it's rather runny,
If you've lost weight, been tired or your tummy feels kind of funny.
Get straight to your doctors to get it checked out,
That's what beating Cancer is all about.
Don't put it off, don't be a dope,
As so many of us live with 'Rebellious hope'.
That one day research will find a cure for this terrible disease
And we can hopefully all sail through it like a ship on calm seas.
Deborah you've left such a legacy behind,
And let's hope that one day soon, a cure they will find.

Rest in peace.
Thoughts are with you and your loving family.:x::x: