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Keyhole wound not healing

Hi all. I know I obviously need medical advice on this and I plan to call my Colorectal nurse tomorrow for advice.
But I just wondered if anyone had experienced similar and what the advise was.
I have 4 small keyhole incisions and 1 large wound. They are all healing well except for one of the small keyhole wounds. I had surgical glue. It's been just over 2 weeks and the glue/ tape is starting to peel off. This wound has never looked quite the same as the others. But I pulled the tape aside and had a little peek and it's a deep hole that hasn't healed at all. It's only small, prob only half a centimetre. Just wondering how to care for it as don't want an infection.
Thanks :x:


Colorectal team def advise you on this
Good luck with getting it sorted and healing like rest of your wounds


I had my appendix out keyhole and had a simiar wound, it did have an infection which wasnt apparent. so I would ring the team and ask for advice. It was fine after some antibiotics and gentle cleaning.


Thanks @hev and @Dyslexicimp . I have sent some photos of it to my Colorectal nurse so she can advise tomorrow. It's only small so I'm not too worried, just wasn't sure what was the best way to treat it while I wait for it to heal. I guess I'll find out tomorrow! But helpful to know what they suggested for you Dyslexicimp :x:


Hi @Lizsa I had similar to you and went to see the nurses at my GP practice. I had to go over a period of days to have it packed and dressed. Can you have a word with one of the nurses at your GP practice so that they can have a look at it. :x::x:


Thanks @bexly33. I emailed my colorectal nurse some pictures and she didn't think it looked infected but told me the signs to look out for. She also said she wasn't too concerned about it as it looked clean and just hadn't knitted together. It's only small too. The said to see the practice nurse the GP surgery as a precaution and said they'd prob either pack it slightly or put a dressing on to let it heal by itself. She said it will heal from the inside out.
I'll be honest when I looked at it this morning it didn't look so bad as the surgical glue had falled off overnight with a scab attached to it. I think the scab had been stopping it from healing as it seemed to look a lot better. So I put a dressing on it myself and will keep an eye on it.
Thanks for the advise :x:


Glad you’ve got it sorted @Lizsa :x::x::x: