Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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Richard Staff (Support and Information)

How to manage peripheral neuropathy - recording now available to watch

Chemotherapy can damage the nerve endings in the hands, feet and lower legs. This is called neuropathy. Symptoms can include pins and needles, weakness or numbness, which can make it hard to do everyday tasks.

Lauren Urwin, Senior Specialist Oncology and Haematology Occupational Therapist, and Beth Sellwood, Senior Specialist Oncology and Haematology Physiotherapist, discuss peripheral neuropathy following treatment, the common symptoms and ways to help manage them.

There were also questions from viewers as part of a Q&A session.

Watch the recording of the event at


Thank you. This looks like a really great session as its affects so many people following treatment.
Jane :x:


I've signed up after suffering with this and I finished treatment in 2019!


Signed up , same Clarebear 2019 still struggling with this and LARS

Up Shit Creek

Do you know if this will cover Scrambler Therapy or Normast MPS? I experienced over 50% reduction in neuropathic pain from a palliative care doctor in Italy, yet it is unavailable on NHS. The same doctor recommend Normast MPS, and my NHS pain specialist said there's evidence to suggest it could help though it is, again, not on NHS.


Yes, I’ve signed up for this as 5 years down the Iine have bad neuropathy which appears to be getting worse in hands and feet. I now have Covid tho, and do not feel too good at this moment in time. I’m 4 days into it but keep getting things every day ie cough pretty bad now up and awake with a terrible sore throat 😩.

Edmund Dilworth

Just attended this. Very informative and helpful. If you didn't see it it's well worth catching it on YouTube when they put it up.