Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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Mouth ulcers

Hello all.
I’m having FOLFOX and panitumumab. Up until now, cycle 4 I have had some side effects but this week the mouth ulcers and a general sore mouth have appeared in force. I’ve been given various mouthwashes and steroid dissolvable tabs. I just wondered if anyone had something similar. Just want them to reduce so I can eat. Hospital have me milkshake drinks for now.


Hi lf77. I suffered with mouth, tongue and throat ulcers through 4 cycles of Folfox (Oxaliplatin and Fluoroucil) until I discovered Gelclair. Gelclair is a mouthwash and gargle that coats the delicate surfaces and protects them from the ravages of chemo. Chemo attacks fast growing cells, bad and good, and the lining of the mouth of throat falls into the category of ‘fast growing’ .It worked brilliantly well for me, reducing incidence of ulceration by 80%, when used 3 :x: per day (especially using it immediately prior to chemo). Now just completed all 12 cycles, with little incidence of ulceration cycles 5-12. Expensive stuff to buy, but I was able to obtain it from my Chemo Day Centre - no prescription, just out of the cupboard! I hope this is useful, and that you can obtain it from your Centre. Good wishes for the rest of your treatment. Brian


Hi @lf77
I’m the same. I did 6 folfox and now they then added panitumumab plus folfox for another 6. I have just completed dose 4 and it’s been awful. I think part of it is reflux as well but everything I eat makes my mouth feel like it is on fire and is so painful. I got difflam from the cancer centre without much help. The best thing I have had is Anbesol liquid which stings like mad but really helps. My weight has been steady so far but with this cycle I have lost 6lb and it’s because I eating is too painful. Saying that i managed a milkshake from five guys today and it was heaven! Hope you get some relief soon :x:


I've suffered mouth ulcers for all my 79 doses of chemo. I am prescribed benzidamine mouth wash and gel Clair. Both do an effective job. I also drink lots of drinks with ice cubes.
Good luck


Hi @If77 my partner is going through exactly the same he to is on panitumumab 8th cycle he's tried everything gelcare diffalm capasol all ok but I've now got some hymalanyan salt and after eating he rinses his mouth out apparently it's much better for you than ordinary salt it seems to be helping also i bought some iglou mouth paste it's what you use if you have braces it forms a protective coating over the ulcers anything is worth a try if it helps good luck :x: