Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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extensive surgery for treatment of bowel cancer

Hi, am feeling a bit lost and frankly quite terrified and was wondering if anyone had been through similar. I have just had an appointment with a highly specialist bowel surgeon due to the nature of my cancer. I have been advised that the surgery I need will mean pretty much removal of all pelvic organs, lower bowel, bladder, urethra etc.

has anyone been through something similar or needed such major surgery?? - am very worried as this seems so immense!!!


Hi @aleipn,

This sounds like a procedure called Total Pelvic Exenteration and yes there have been people on here who have experienced this. Have a look at the link below to see former posts. It is a big surgery from what I read, and it is obviously important that you feel more at ease, as far as is possible.

It sounds as if you have a huge amount to process so please give yourself time and perhaps compose a list of questions to ask as they occur to you.

Please stay in touch and take very good care, Kim :x::x::x:


Thank you so much for this and the kind words. I will have a look at the link as soon as I feel ready. It’s still a bit soon after the news but I just didn’t know where else to start to looking for advice and I had a bit of a panic.

Am sure I will have loads of questions soon but at present my mind is blank and all I can think of is how this is so much more extensive than I was thinking.


Hi again @aleipn, I totally understand that you need to let it sink in first and please only look when you are ready.

There is also a Stage 4 FB group that comes under BCUK where there are a number of folk who have had this surgery, but again, only when you are ready and if you want to.

Take care and sending you a hug, Kim :x::x::x:

Liz Blakelands


Hi, I just want to send you a massive hug. What a terrible shock and it is no wonder that you are dazed by it.

When you can take it in and are ready, I hope you can get support from forum members who have had that op.
Liz :x::x:


Hi @aleipn yes i have had this surgery 18 months ago. Feel free to message and ask anything you want. It is major surgery and you will take a while to get over it BUT you have been given the chance of a cure maybe so for me it was an easy decision. I didnt need these organs so bin them get rid and get my life back on track i realise you will be terrified and there is very little info on it but im willing to listen even if just to have an offload as iv been there got the tshirt and am still here. Hope this helps a bit you will be in excellent hands as not everyone gets the chance of this op so feel privilidged lol. Look forward never back thinks your going to get rid of this and youll get there. Its one day out of your life getting it done then relax big time and recover. Im here for you. Big hugs youll get there :x: