Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Tony Home

So Tony discharged home today following his liver resection..he is doing well but feeling a bit flat I think and rather overwhelmed ..I think seeing liver metatases on his discharge letter has dented him a bit as well..we have only referred to it as the spot on his liver so to see liver metastasis on his notes somehow felt worse and more real..I think in some ways we were living in a semi denial bubble so not sure if thats good or bad..its just that word isnt it..metastasis..summons up images of all sorts as I am of a certain where that word would be used in hushed tones and shaking heads and doom and gloom when people spoke of cancer when we were growing up.. .but hopefully now his home he will get his mojo back and we can move on from this latest set back.....:x::x:


Yes you will just a bump on the road all be good ❤️


That's great news. It will take 3 months for tony to gain back his energy levels. My dad got the same op -resection of liver back in april. He also had a spot on liver. Tony will feel better soon. Wishing you both best wishes. :x:


Hi @ellenelliott93
Great to hear Tony is home and recovering well from surgery.
I’ve had several surgeries since my cancer diagnosis and I do remember always feeling a bit flat for a while. I agree , its also tough to see things in black and white.

He will get there. Take care, Jane :x::x::x:

Liz Blakelands


So glad to hear that Tony is home and recovering well.
I'm sure the down feeling is seeing it in black and white, it is a setback but it has been sorted. But you both need a bit of time to take it all in and come to terms with it.

Relax and be kind to yourselves and I am sure you will both feel a lot better soon.

All the best
Liz :x::x: