Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Holiday insurance

Hi there bowel buddies. I am in need of your help! I would love to go abroad in the spring, to Spain with friends. BUT, due to terminal metastatic bowel cancer, they are quoting me nearly £1700 for a weeks cover! This is with All Clear. Is there anyone that can suggest anywhere else for a cheaper quote! In hope. Angie 😀


Insure with...only,check please they are not expensive like the others. Good luck . Hugsxx


Hi @AngieB
Excellent company. Recommended by many people here.
Pre Covid, Stage 4 and on treatment, I paid around £50 for a single week Europe trip.
In June this year I paid £95 for a single week Europe trip.
Other companies quoted me £450.

Alot does depend on if you have had any recent surgeries / overnight stays and unplanned admissions. Otherwise it seems relatively straight forward. Lots of questions and sometimes better to call than do online.

Good luck and hope you get on your Spring holiday.
Jane :x:


🙏🏻 So much :x: