Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Up Shit Creek

Still Here

Hello, a quick update from me. I got my latest CT scan and it's all clear. I go to annual scans now.

This after being told in summer 2020 that I had 9-12 months due to a BRAFV600E mutation and widespread nodal metastasis.

Pretty incredible to be writing this two years later.

What is more: apart from surgery in summer 2021, I've had no orthodox treatment since November 2020 when my last chemo cycle ended. I'm working full time and despite intermittent pain from surgery and peripheral neuropathy, things are good.

Which is not to say I'm cured. I fully recognise things can turn on a sixpence and I'll be up shit creek again. But, that said, I would have bitten the hand off anyone offering me two years at the time of my diagnosis. I'm grateful to be here and to have had this extra time with my family. I hope this offers someone out there hope.

Finally, I've continued with an intensive integrative regimen, and I'm pretty sure (along with the earlier NHS treatments) it is what has extended my life.

Happy to share it with anyone if you message me in private - these things can too easily be misconstrued as 'advice' or 'alternative' treatments on public message boards, and I'd rather avoid the confusion and risk of causing upset.

Warmest wishes to everyone.


This is brilliant news @Up Shit Creek I'm so pleased for you.

Did you get to.remission through surgery or did chemo take out some of the lymph nodes?

Sounds like you've a great mindsight

Liz Blakelands

@Up Shit Creek Such good news, so very pleased for you.

I have just read your profile, so very glad that it is working for you, all the very best
Liz :x::x:


I just read your profile. Incredible story @Up Shit Creek . Just goes to show we are all individual and the stats can be wrong. I wish you a long and happy life ahead :x::x:


Such excellent news.
I have the belief that the human body is pretty resilient. Look at all the things, places, environments it is exposed to and still here.
Everyone is different and reacts to situations differently. Sometimes it’s a just a push in the right direction, from experts in the field, that kick starts repairs so just because :x: works doesn’t mean it works for everyone because we are different.
Reading stories like this show there are positives. There are always going to be “exceptions to any rule” and in medicine this is constant as knowledge and experience of the providers is continually improving.
Your post and scenario will be used to further knowledge that will provide help for others.
Long may your improvements continue.


Amazing news, so inspiring, I will definitely send you a private message. Thank you for posting and sustained good news for a long time to come! :x::x::x:

Up Shit Creek
Quote from @louise28:
This is brilliant news @Up Shit Creek I'm so pleased for you.

Did you get to.remission through surgery or did chemo take out some of the lymph nodes?

Sounds like you've a great mindsight

Hi Louise. The chemo reduced some of the lymph nodes in size by half. Some remained the same. I stopped after 8 (of a proposed 12) cycles due to side effects. I had surgery 9 months later, and the histology report revealed there was no active cancer left in any tumors analysed. The chemo was prescribed to slow down the spread; it was never mooted as a possibility that it could destroy the cancer. This is why I credit the integrative treatments (in tandem with chemo and surgery) with getting me this far.

Also, I'm not technically in remission. They're using term 'stable'. I'm not entirely sure of what the difference is.


Hi @Up Shit Creek I think I read somewhere that the term ‘remission’ is only used in connection with blood cancers …. Sue


thanks @Up Shit Creek happy as well to hear any tips you have for a more holistic approach in combination with the treatment you have had. This seems v sensible to me.

I always thought stable meant no change....regardless of whether that was disease or not. Remission no evidence of disease but whether that is permanent or not who knows. @Sea60 I've heard remission used quite a bit for solid tumours too but my guess is it varies from onc to onc. My team used NED or occasionally no evidence of cancer, they didnt really use remission but i think it really depends.

best of luck :)


@Up Shit Creek
Absolutely fantastic news and so lovely to hear from you.
Gives lots of hope too others and demonstrates how we all differ and respond to treatment.
So pleased for you and long may the ‘all clear’ scans continue.
Take care
Jane :x: