Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Liver scan

Hi hope all is well Christopher had his liver mri today to see exactly the size of the liason on liver he has a pet scan on the 9th of august oncologist going to compare the two and then come with plan to see hopefully if it can be resected it’s a week from today when we thought we would be getting good news … but then to be told there is a liason on liver his primary tumour that was in the rectum removed and he had a perm stoma bag .. feel a bit down today well obvs not in front of Chris think it really has only hit me today I really think the waiting the worst lots of love Shelly :x::x::x:


I agree and sure many others would too that waiting for scans and results is tough.
It’s good that Chris had the MRI and the PET scan date is also not too far away .
Really hope that the results come with positive news and that a plan for resection, if needed, will be put into place.
Take care and keep us posted.
Jane :x::x::x:


@Jane39 please god :x::x::x::x: