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Post surgery query

Hi everyone, I’m now three weeks post my anterior resection for sigmoid rectal tumour .. all done laparoscopically and I didn’t need a stoma .. getting to grips with the joys that are an unpredictable gut.. and walking every day but wondering if anyone else has ever experienced night sweats ( I literally wake up soaking wet all over ! post surgery .. I’ve never had anything like it .. I’ve been given the great news that nothing had spread further so don’t need chemo .. but this is new .. I’m
Wondering if it’s thing others have experienced.. ? Any suggestions welcome 🤗

Liz Blakelands

@tink190777 Hi glad that you are recovering well from the op, that's the worst bit over.
And really brilliant news that no spread and no chemo required. That must be a huge relief.

Obviously I'm not medically qualified but I do think that you need to talk to your GP or the colorectal nursing team as night sweats can be a sign of infection. Or call 111 as they are available at weekends.

Please let us know how you get on.
Liz :x::x:


Thanks Liz … I will call the colorectal nurses first thing tomorrow.. :x:


Hello @tink190777,

Great news on successful surgery and no need for further treatment! What a huge relief this must be for you and your family.

I would agree with Liz's advice and urge you to seek medical advice on this symptom as it's a little suspicious so soon after surgery. Do you experience shivers too? Have you checked your temperature? As it's so soon following surgery, I'd be inclined to call 111 today for advice .............just in case this is infection. If so, the sooner you get antibiotics the better. Please don't be out off by repeated warnings post covid not to seek advice unless 'life threatening' etc!! Please keep us posted if you can?

Sending lots of love,

Karen 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻


Hi @tink190777. I had night sweats for a period of time after surgery which was over 3.5 years ago). Since then I've had occasional episodes when I would wake up 3am completely soaked and had to change bedding. Having googled it I was concerned as there is a connection between cancer and sweating. I asked my oncologist - he said there were multiple possible reasons from menopause and hormonal imbalance to inflammation to solid tumours. Fortunately I have not had any episodes for a while. My cancer is stable. So my conclusion is those night sweat episodes were to do with infection. I would say keep a diary to know when it happens and ask your doctor. Wishing you all the best with the recovery from surgery and any other treatments. :x:


Thank you both .. I’ve had no temperature no shivers no other signs of infection at all my wounds are healing really well .. I’m
Only like it at night .. it’s bizarre at first I thought it was a one off but it’s every night but having done a bit more reading definately going to get it looked into .. in case I need some antibiotics!


@tink190777 , just popping in to say I had the same surgery as you, but no night sweats. Hope you get relief soon.


Thank you 😊 .. I’m
Sure it can be sorted or explained .. good to know it’s not the norm and I’m not being paranoid.. hope you are recovering well @colourmesurprised just want any complications sorted asap as we are finally hoping to take the children on a much needed holiday at the end of the summer 😬.. after all of the stress this year 💞


Hi - great news that you're recovering well post surgery.
I also had keyhole surgery for sigmoid cancer just under two years ago now.
Your gut will take some time to heal but it will get better in time - you might be a bit more frequent in the first few months and some foods will be a bit more irritating but generally speaking, I would say I'm pretty good now so give it some time & hopefully you'll be back on your feet v soon.


Thanks everyone for your responses and really good advice ! just to update I’m
On antibiotics and seeing my surgeon on Thursday to get everything checked out in case I have a collection .. team were fabulous and organised everything within an hour of me seeing my gp 💞


Ahh, that's good news that you've seen GO and now on antibiotics as a precaution. I hope everything goes ok on Thursday! Please keep us posted if you can?

Lots of love,

Karen 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻