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Good Morning. I have a colonoscopy next Thurs 11th and the letter I got from Pre-Assessment says that from the 5th August Mt diet is to be restricted? I thought it was just 3/4 days beforehand? I am mostly vegetarian πŸ˜– and just wondering if anyone would have any meal inspiration before I commit to a week of rice krispies and Mash 🀭 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last September and had a bowel resection so this is my first colonoscopy πŸ˜–

Liz Blakelands

@Clarita191 Hi and welcome to the forum which I hope you find friendly and helpful but really sorry that you are in the bowel cancer club. The forum members have experience of all things bowel cancer so ask any questions you want.

When I look back on the colonoscopies I have had, it is the bowel prep that stays in my mind. Have you used bowel prep before?

I understand your frustration as a near vegetarian myself so most of what you eat tends to score high on fibre. You just have to think the clearly the bowel is the clearer the colonoscopy will be.

I can't think of anything healthy, grilled hallumi cheese in a white bread roll, cheese sauce on white pasta, and for pudding ice cream or greek yogurt with honey (skip the nuts).

Hope that helps and fingers crossed for Thursday 11th.
Liz :x::x:


@Clarita191 hi there, hoping your colonoscopy went OK and it’s not too long before you get your results. Hopefully you are back to your normal diet now πŸ‘

Ali :x::x:


Thank you for checking in! "NO ABNORMALITIES SEEN"... Big sigh if relief. Had CT scan today so God willing it will all be OK too :x::x:

Liz Blakelands

Great news that colonoscopy was clear, fingers crossed for CT scan :x::x: