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Waterproof PICC line cover

Hi again
I'm sure this has been asked before but can anyone recommend a waterproof PICC line cover for showering?

Seen a few on Amazon but not sure which works best


Hi @xcgb . I was given a prescription for a limbo arm cover by the nurse that fitted my picc line. It is a waterproof sleeve with a rubber seal at each end and worked well. Have you filled the form in to get free prescriptions while you’re having treatment?


Hi definitely speak to your nurse first. My hubby was prescribed two limbo arm covers as soon as he was discharged after having had a loop ileostomy. Hope you get sorted out.


Karen oh right I have got the free prescription yes, who gave you the prescription? I start my chemo next week perhaps they can do that for me there?


Sorry just read you did say who gave it to you


Hi @xcgb
Your oncology nurse or GP should be able to prescribe you a limbo arm cover.
Jane :x::x:

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Hi @xcgb the chemo nurses gave my husband a ' prescription request form' at his first chemo to give to his GP so he could prescribe a limbo cover.


Hi @xcgb. The chemo nurses gave me limbo arm cover.


My husband wears a blue sleeve in the shower given to him to cover PICC line. I’m going in to be taught how to remove the chemo pump this afternoon to reduce trips to hospital.
Frantically watching videos on RM website!!
Just a bit nervous!


My partner bought his on amazon, has good reviews & has rubber seals both ends so fit well on the arm

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Hope all went OK this afternoon @Tweed? I remember watching lots of videos as well :x::x:


All good The test will be can I manage on Sunday?

Quote from @Polly 1:
Hope all went OK this afternoon @Tweed? I remember watching lots of videos as well