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kiwi mel

Chemo or not

Hi, I had a resection 3 1/2 weeks ago, got results back T3 30 lymph nodes clear, the only question mark is traces in bleed vessels so have been referred to a oncologist. No concept of what to expect , am I likely to need chemo?if do what type how many cycles. I have a holiday booked for end of Sept how quickly do you start after seeing the oncologist, appointment is 30th Aug, any advice would be grateful received


Hi @kiwi mel .you sound same as me. I had resection 7 weeks ago. Also T3, 21 lymph nodes all clear but they found in blood vessel. I just saw oncologist yesterday and recommendation is 6 month Capecitabine tablets. They said I didn't need the IV chemo which I'm quite relieved about. They said 6 months of the chemo tablets is NICE guidance for our diagnosis so I'm guessing you'll be offered the same. I have asked if I can start when I get back from holiday in just over 2 weeks. They agreed to that but I don't think they like to wait too long, I think they have a timeframe after resection, but that's something perhaps you could ask one of your team.
Let me know if you want a chemo buddy when you start and we can share notes :) good luck

kiwi mel

Thank you for your reply, Chemo buddy would be a great idea. Are you managing any normality? It will be interesting to see what they have to say?
Did they give you a choices?


I haven't started chemo yet and recovered well from surgery now so yeah feeling pretty normal at the moment. I'm very nervous s out starting the chemo in 2 weeks. They only choice was 6 months tablets or not have it at all. They strongly recommend the chemo.
Good luck.:x:


Hi @kiwi mel
Sorry that you’ve had this news following your surgery.
I have attached a charity publication that may be helpful for your consultation regarding treatment plan and questions to ask.

I believe the general time frame for starting chemo post surgery is 6 weeks but there does appear some variations on this.

Good luck with your appointment,
Jane :x:


When I start my mop up chemo it will be 9.5 weeks post oncologist is happy with this. I was worried it had to be by 8 weeks.