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Life with bowel cancer

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What did you do today?

I'm not sure what other folk are like, but I still have some days when I feel completely 'whacked' from the moment I get up, and others where I manage to achieve quite a lot (by my standards). I try and do something everyday though even if it's just a walk.

Today wasn't a great day in that I felt really tired when I got up and spent the early part of the morning surfing, but then went on to bake some oatcakes, and started gardening before the rain drove me back inside - divided up the pots of mint we have with the idea of making a lot more fresh tea this summer.
Managed to make the tea and light the fire in time for my wife coming in, but I'm now exhausted and am slumped in a chair with my last cup of herb tea before bed

What did you manage to do today?


Thank you so much @springer michelle and @Jacey Connell 74! Here's a couple of pics of me today with my 10 month old grandson Harry ❤️


Happy Birthday @Baxter2.Have a fantastic day Lovely pic of you and Harry.??


Thank you @1965 I've refrained from posting my video of the trip over the new Bridge but it was fun! ???❤️?

springer michelle

Ahh he's gorgeous :x:


Wonderful photos @Baxter2 - you both look stunning!


Awwww gawjus photos @Baxter2 he is so beautiful :x::x::x::x:


Hi @Baxter2 I don't know how I missed this post. You both looking amazing, fab photo, you can see what a loving couple you are, and it your birthday today. Happy birthday to a very special person hope you are enjoying your day.
Kim :x::x:


Congrats to you both @Baxter2 to you both. Lovely picture and good weather - lovely - I wish you all the jolly best


Fabulous ! :x::x:


Hi @Baxter2

happy birthday :x::x::x:


Happy Birthday @Baxter2 ?:x::x::x:


Oh that's lovely @Baxter2
( Can I put in an order for a cute grandchild too, or do I have to consult my children 1st?)


Cute grandchildren come highly recommended @Lizalou! He is an absolute tonic for me, that's for sure! Always cheers me up when I'm not feeling so good! :x::x:


Awww @Baxter2 Harry is sooo cute! Lovely picture of you both ? :x::x:


Thank you @mem. He's just started crawling and pulling himself up this week! Now the fun will really start! :x::x:


Haha yes it will @baxter! Time to move things up a level in your home ?!
Have a lovely weekend :x::x:


It was a lovely day for a walk in the hills.