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Living Well booklet

Hi everyone

I thought I'd post a link to our Living Well booklet which has been written for people who have finished active treatment. We know that recovery from bowel cancer will be full of ups and downs for you and this booklet covers topics such as 'Emotions and feelings', 'Changes in bowel habit', 'Worries about cancer coming back', 'Intimate relationships' and much more

The Living Well booklet can also be ordered in hard copy from our main website.

best wishes


Thank you @Nancy as Im nearing the end of chemo, I would be very interested in the booklet, Diane :x::x:

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I just read the PDF booklet and found it very informative. I've ordered a few copies of it and hope that I can persuade a few of my key colleagues to read it. It's so hard to explain to people about my health needs, limitations, and insecurities. They all see me as a dynamic constant who is never sick and never late. They have no idea what I have to do to achieve that.


@SChilts A warm welcome to the Forum and thanks for making your first post. I'm delighted to hear you found the booklet helpful; staff and patients work very hard to keep them up to date and meaningful.
I did the same by the way; my staff had very little idea about the areas you refer to, and I think they were quite shocked to learn of the impact this illness and it's treatment can have.
Please do pop back here as often as you like. The Forum is a great source of support and encouragement. Hugs, B


Hi @SChilts (and @Brian)
I have just re read the same booklet and plan to make my husband look at it over the weekend. It explains how I feel so well, especially the roller coast analogy. Husband has been brilliant but doesn't always understand the sudden downturns in mood (nor do I!)

Glad you are doing so well SChilts We like a happy ending!


I have found ALL the booklets amazing and helpful :x: